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This short video tells a story about our work in Pipestone.
The Pipestone Area Community Foundation connects resources to build our community. We achieve this by helping to fund specific community projects or area organizations. These projects and organizations all enhance the community we consider home; making a better life for present and future generations.

The Foundation serves as a central source working to meet the various needs of the area. With your support of the Foundation, we will assure that contributions are put towards projects that meet our goals and mission.
Pipestone Area Community Foundation connects resources to build our community.
— Mission Statement

2024 PACF Advisory Board of Directors

Dawn Heidebrink
The Clothier by Dawn
Dawn Schneider
Pipestone Livestock Auction Market
Vice Chair
Denise Nagel
Retired from Pipestone County
Robert Woodbury
The Winter Group
Laurel Berg
Pipestone - Helping Farmers
Marci Mahik
Pipestone County Medical Center & Family Clinic - Avera
Jim Morgan
First Bank & Trust
Nancy Oye
Windy Ridge Veterinary Clinic
Robert Petersen
City of Pipestone
Jody Wacker
Meinders Community Library
Steve Weets
Retired from Pipestone County; Pipestone Senior Center
Thank you

We sincerely thank our past PACF Advisory Board members who have served our organization and community over the years.

Tom Bobendrier
Shannon Burmeister
Greg Cooper
Ian Cunningham
Linda Erickson
Mark Fode
Judy Hansen
Cindy Hartquist
Tim Haubrich
Karen Kerkaert
Blake Klinsing
Sue Kollman
Jon Kozlowski
Dave Lammers
Steve Lange
Dave Logan
Mike Moeller
Mick Myers
Randy Nelson
Laurie Ness
Kevin Paulsen
Sara Priester
Joan Ratzloff
Tyler Reisch
Joe Schelhaas
George Schulze
Chuck Sendelbach
Joan Stout
Matt Taubert
Gavin Winter
Tom Winter